EAS 101


  1. Begin to think about what you want to do after Military (6 months before EAS)
  2. Connect with prospective employers, schools, etc.
  3. Build a rapport with whoever it is you are wanting to work with. Get them to remember you. Tell your story and show your passion for the work you want to do.
  4. Master the “art of an email”


  1. Start applying to jobs, colleges or whatever it is you decide you want to do.
  2. Work on a resume.
  3. Skill translation (military to civilian).
  4. Interviews (practice, get tips online, practice in front of friends or a loved one).
  5. Prospective careers or schools- figure out who you want to be and where you want to go.


  1. Decide on where you are going to live
  2. Work out a budget for when you are out of the military and when your pay stops.
  3. Save up until your EAS date.
  4. Find an apartment or house in the area you want to live in.


  1. EAS day: Sign all paperwork and say good-bye!
  2. Get copies of all medical records
  3. Ensure that the “official” copy of your medical records are being sent to the correct Veteran Affairs.


  1. Celebrate your freedom


  1. Go to your nearest Veteran Service Office (VSO) and ask what you are eligible for in terms of benefits.
  2. Apply for the benefits
  3. Never deny taking a benefit that you are eligible for because you think you “don’t need it like others do”. It’s being offered to you because you earned it. Take the benefit and use it in a positive way.


  1. Unemployment
  2. Apply for unemployment immediately after you EAS.
  3. Don’t think you are above unemployment. There is money put aside for you so that you can file for unemployment and use it until you find employment that is suitable for you.


  1. Connect with positions, schools, and individuals that you contacted prior to your EAS.
  2. Use your experience to your advantage.


  1. Start working towards your goal and don’t give up on it.
  2. Be ready to have doors shut.
  3. Be ready to fail a few times.
  4. Be ready to struggle with the new life.


  1. Remember -never give up! Eventually, you will achieve your goals!

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